Downs: Laws don’t matter to some

By:  Diane Benjamin

No, I haven’t talked to Mary Goveia.  Mayor Mike James and Kenneth Adkisson need to stop blaming her for their names showing up here.  There are other citizens in Downs that want what’s happening in Downs exposed.  Get used to it.

The August minutes were approved at the September meeting.  See them here:

The attacks on Goveia continued simply because she expected the Liquor Laws to be followed.  Evidently Mayor James enjoys it because he allowed them.  Remember, if your Mayor hadn’t tried to hide Adkisson’s out-of-compliance liquor law status, there wouldn’t be a controversy!

Atkisson submitted petitions with what he claims are over 70 signatures telling Goveia to resign.  They are included at the link above.  Some of the people do not live in Downs!  There are addresses in Arrowsmith, Bloomington, and Normal.  Some others aren’t legible.

Atkisson doesn’t understand we aren’t a democracy where mobs rule.  He couldn’t even get enough signatures from Downs to be called a mob, but it didn’t stop his grandstanding.  Mayor James is obviously pandering to his friend by allowing Atkisson’s attacks.

If Downs doesn’t have a recall procedure, its elections that remove elected people from office.  It’s the people of Downs who need to decide if laws matter, or if the Mayor can re-write them when it fits his needs.

If Mayor James is tired of seeing his name here, he needs to quit allowing the guy who broke your local ordinances to deflect blame on the person who pointed it out!

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4 thoughts on “Downs: Laws don’t matter to some

  1. Interesting that the petition starts with “…has proven to be a liability…” What proof? People just signed without questioning what it says?

  2. He Couldn’t even get enough signatures from downs to be called a mob…..,. !!!

    Lmao. Ain’t that the truth!! Lmao

    Your doing a great job Diane. U can’t dispute anything with truth, laws, and facts in hand. AND That’s what they don’t like. Exposure.

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