Vote NO on the Roads Lock Box!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Instead of controlling pension costs and the Medicaid spending bankrupting the State of Illinois, lawmakers want you to think locking in spending for infrastructure is a good idea.  The unions love it – they will have security if it passes, the rest of us will pay dearly.

Just like Bloomington set up Enterprises funds (Water, Solid Waste, etc) to segregate spending, that’s what this amendment does.  If transportation taxes meant for roads and bridges don’t generate enough money – tax increases are necessary.

Likewise, if all the segregated money for roads and bridges means the State can’t pay the rest of their bills – tax increases are necessary!

If transportation revenue has been diverted to support other State spending, blame the people who can’t control themselves.  Blame the Democrat controlled House and Senate who refuse to cut the budget and control expenses.

This give-away to unions must be defeated.

See why voting this early is a bad idea?

This is another Democrat idea to slip things by you before the facts are out!

The Illinois Constitution already requires the legislature to pass a balance budget every year.  How’s that one working?

This amendment will work just as well as the Constitution does now.

6 thoughts on “Vote NO on the Roads Lock Box!

  1. Also it is a transportation bill but transportation is loosely defined so just spending on roads and bridges might include buses and bike lanes. Yeah if government wrote the bill it’s unlikely that the scope of it all is very trustworthy.


      1. I also fogot the possibilty for city owned golf carts or HoverRounds for mayors that take advantage of taxpayers and lazy city managers to get around on. Oh my gosh, transportation could be so many things.


  2. I ALWAYS think unwanted stop lights put where good old stop SIGNS and COMMON sense would do just as good, and the maintenance on a stop light is on going and costly!


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