Vote NO on the Roads Lock Box!

I’m posting this again for people who missed it. Bill Brady is WRONG on this one!


By:  Diane Benjamin

Instead of controlling pension costs and the Medicaid spending bankrupting the State of Illinois, lawmakers want you to think locking in spending for infrastructure is a good idea.  The unions love it – they will have security if it passes, the rest of us will pay dearly.

Just like Bloomington set up Enterprises funds (Water, Solid Waste, etc) to segregate spending, that’s what this amendment does.  If transportation taxes meant for roads and bridges don’t generate enough money – tax increases are necessary.

Likewise, if all the segregated money for roads and bridges means the State can’t pay the rest of their bills – tax increases are necessary!

If transportation revenue has been diverted to support other State spending, blame the people who can’t control themselves.  Blame the Democrat controlled House and Senate who refuse to cut the budget and control expenses.

This give-away to unions must…

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  1. Sounds like a tasty good idea but when you dig into the details it sours in your mouth and you realize you will be paying more in taxes. Vote NO, I agree!


  2. Spittin da Hot Taeks says:

    IL is a joke. We should be voting on legalizing Marijuana today like other states are. It would win easily if it was on the ballot and would be a mega economic boost!


  3. I voted NO.


  4. I voted yes. I really believe this amendment is a better way for Illinois legislature to get more discipline from the citizens. I can not even fathom why there ever was money from fuel taxes and etc. that was being diverted to other spending areas. What a sham for that so many years. For Illinois we need constitutional lock boxes on everything in the budget perhaps. I don’t think this will cause a rise in taxes anymore than it would otherwise. We need a decent General Assembly that listens and restricts themselves to what the citizens voted them into office for. If we have representatives who vote tax increases down no matter what we will have a better state. This ‘Lock Box’ will be better for all of us. Better roads, better bridges, etc. I voted YES.


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