1st President in HISTORY who won’t negotiate

Congressman Jeff Duncan just posted an update:  Please post, share, tweet https://www.facebook.com/RepJeffDuncan/posts/658931667457922 Shutdown Update 10/3 8:01pm: Day three of a government shutdown and President Obama and Harry Reid are continuing to publicly state that they will not negotiate. In the history of our country, this is the very first time that the elected leadership of […]

Why hasn’t the Senate passed a Budget since 2009?

by:  Diane Benjamin It’s easy, but I’ve never heard anybody say it!  Since Congress doesn’t have a current budget, it has operated under the 2009 budget.  The 2009 budget was the largest in history!  Obviously the Democrats have no intention of cutting spending.  So, instead of passing the House budgets, or even discussing them, they pass Continuing Resolutions […]