1st President in HISTORY who won’t negotiate

Congressman Jeff Duncan just posted an update:  Please post, share, tweet

Shutdown Update 10/3 8:01pm: Day three of a government shutdown and President Obama and Harry Reid are continuing to publicly state that they will not negotiate. In the history of our country, this is the very first time that the elected leadership of either party has taken the stance of refusing to negotiate on the budget. The House has stepped up though and is continuing to pass clean/non-controversial spending bills to fully fund aspects of the federal government including national guard/reservist pay, cancer research, national parks, DC city government, and veterans benefits. So far 57 House Democrats have broken from their party’s leadership to support our effort to prevent federal workers from being used as political pawns. However, President Obama has continued his threat to veto all of these bills if they were to reach his desk as part of his “will not negotiate” strategy.


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