Things the don’t fit anywhere else

By: Diane Benjamin WGLT and the League of Women Voters are teaming up again for local debates. Nothing is scheduled for anybody running except mayoral candidates: Former County Clerk candidate and current employee of the City of Bloomington thinks all of you who sacrificed to send your kids to college should pay the bill for […]

Press Release on Impeachment

​PRESS RELEASE:   EFFECTIVE UPON RELEASE 12/18/19  7:45pm RE:  Impeachment Proceedings against President Trump Connie Beard, Chairman of the McLean County Republicans released the following statement: “The impeachment process, as conducted by the House Democrats, has been abused and diminished. The framers of our constitution did not design it to be used as a weapon by […]

Top 20 impeachable Obama offenses

MAY 6, 2013 BY: ROBERT MOON 20) Blatantly violating bankruptcy laws to force through payoffs for unions. 19) Illegally refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. 18) Appointing members of a radical Islamic terrorist organization to sensitive advisory roles and giving extremist groups sweeping influence over U.S. policies. 17) Illegally forcing through speech-trampling attacks only on corporations (while leaving labor unions completely untouched) without Congress. […]