Top 20 impeachable Obama offenses


20) Blatantly violating bankruptcy laws to force through payoffs for unions.

19) Illegally refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

18) Appointing members of a radical Islamic terrorist organization to sensitive advisory roles and giving extremist groups sweeping influence over U.S. policies.

17) Illegally forcing through speech-trampling attacks only on corporations (while leaving labor unions completely untouched) without Congress.

16) Illegally reversing wildly successful welfare reforms without Congress.

15) Suppressing military votes while vindictively targeting non-union workers.

14) Illegally raising funds through foreignersand federal officials.

13) Abusing his power to silence dissent while protecting his corrupt campaign donors from prosecution.

12) Refusing to prosecute Black Panthers for armed voter intimidation at the polls.

11) Appointing dozens of unaccountable “czars” to influential posts without the Senate.

10) Illegally waging war against Libya without authorization from Congress.

9) Using drones to assassinate U.S. citizens without any due process.

8) Launching a blatantly illegal attack on our gun rights.

7) Bypassing the Senate to force through rejected leftist fanatics for positions of enormous power (under the guise of making ‘recess appointments’) while the Senate was still in session.

6) Refusing to enforce our immigration laws (see herehere and here), releasing captured illegal immigrants and joining foreign countries to launch lawsuits against Arizona for defending itself against a criminal invasion.

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One thought on “Top 20 impeachable Obama offenses

  1. There could be 200 reasons to impeach Obama and Congress still would not do it. Ask yourself, how can a man have used three different names throughout his life, that we know of, and be using a fake social security number from a dead man who lived in Connecticut years ago yet make it to the highest office of our land. The answer is VERY simple! He did not hoodwink our intelligence because they are not that stupid! The fact of him achieving this only means that they (CIA) are behind placing him there. From my research I find that his mom, dad, step-dad and grandparents were all American hating, pro-Communist assets of our CIA but with Obama he is what is referred to as a “red diaper baby.” He has been raised and surrounded by American hating Communists from his birth throughout his life. They have him in our White House to destroy our country! He is doing their agenda very well. The CIA was created back in the Truman administration days and if you check it was NEVER created to protect our American Heritage or Constitution, their creation is for global governance. This is why they want America brought down to a third world country level because if we were an independent nation as we once were then we could stand on our own but they want US into their global New World Order therefore they are making us totally “dependent” on all the other nations. The Muslim Brotherhood and Al- Qaeda is also a creation of our CIA. JFK wanted to shut this agency down back in 1963 because he knew about their corrupt drug running and trouble that they caused to start wars with other nations but with the world bankers behind them they shut JFK down!

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