Message to readers:

Although the number of readers is WAY up, contributions aren’t. Because of that I am considering switching to a subscription website.  The cost would be minimal, maybe $5-$10 a month.  Stories would not be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites like they are now. Another option is to have a premium site for people […]

Ever Dream about a NEW Illinois

Information only.  I’m posting this because I know two of the speakers, they are the good guys in Illinois! Speakers at this meeting will include Rep. Brad Halbrook of Shelbyville, Jim Marter, and Paul Preston, founder of New California. (New California is NOT the 3-way state split referendum that you may have heard about on […]

Kick Mark Kirk out of the US Senate!

By: Diane Benjamin If you are voting in the Republican Primary: Mark Kirk can’t be considered a Republican – he frequently votes with Democrats. If you missed this story from 2014, it reveals Kirk’s character: You have a MUCH better option:  James Marter. He doesn’t have the money for flashy TV and radio ads, […]