Ever Dream about a NEW Illinois

Information only.  I’m posting this because I know two of the speakers, they are the good guys in Illinois!

Speakers at this meeting will include Rep. Brad Halbrook of Shelbyville, Jim Marter, and Paul Preston, founder of New California.

(New California is NOT the 3-way state split referendum that you may have heard about on the news. That got thrown off of the ballot and is largely believed to have been an attempt to derail the New California, which is an authentic grassroots movement. New California was founded 2 years ago and has organizations in 51 of California’s 58 counties. It is on track to actually reach their goal in perhaps another year.)

Read the entire Summary here: New Illinois Executive Summary 9.16.2018

Read Frequent Asked questions here:   New Illinois FAQ 9.16.2018


3 thoughts on “Ever Dream about a NEW Illinois

  1. Nothing a GOOD Halloween earthquake like the one in 1895 couldn’t solve by sliding Chicago into Lake Michigan, except creating a Superfund site..

  2. Even if you are not interested in New Illinois Paul Preston is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. I listen to him quite a bit. Elizabeth Gruber and I will be there! I am super excited to meet him!! Kathryn

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  3. Looks like there focus and direction is a good one as long as they keep it on the foundational principals of our Constitution.

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