Bloomington: VOTE YES

By:  Diane Benjamin

The wording is what is legally required.  If you want to save money by not having two separate offices conduct elections, you must vote YES to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission.  Since all BEC does is elections, what do they do when there aren’t any?

Republicans and Libertarians think voters should have the power to determine who is in charge of elections.  The County Clerk is elected by you.

Democrats think appointed bureaucrats should be in charge of elections, you have no power to vote them out.  They pretend the office is non-partisan, just like the obviously partisan City Councils.


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7 thoughts on “Bloomington: VOTE YES

  1. Won’t there still be the need for people to administer the election, voting machines to tally the vote, voting places to be maintained……the cost might NOT be reduced as much as claimed…..I’m not saying I am against moving the BECVOTE to the County Clerk’s office……

  2. FYI, BEC election judges have been instructed to NOT interpret or “clarify” what the question means if a voter asks. As a judge coordinator, I’ll be making sure they don’t. No electioneering.

  3. BEC needs to end.

    I would like to see BN become one unit and the library districts become one. I also think townships need to go. I believe Illinois has the most governmental units in the US.

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