Empty buses! Buy more.

By:  Diane Benjamin The Year End for Connect Transit was June 30th.  Instead of presenting an un-audited statement of revenue and expenses for June, they skipped it. The packet does show total expenses, but that’s only because the Board had to approve payments.   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TiC87VqRCaB2wpLhup39CgrsDb2u9SmX/view Payments include:       Income in June of the previous […]

BCPA – a BIG loser

By:  Diane Benjamin The following numbers were taken from a report received under the Freedom of Information Act. The report has all current budget detail by department.  Email me if you want the report, I can’t link to it in a readable format. (blnnews@yahoo.com) The first column lists everything connected to the BCPA on the […]