BCPA – a BIG loser

By:  Diane Benjamin

The following numbers were taken from a report received under the Freedom of Information Act. The report has all current budget detail by department.  Email me if you want the report, I can’t link to it in a readable format. ([email protected])

The first column lists everything connected to the BCPA on the report.  In the second column, I left out everything even remotely connected to the increased taxes you pay, Federal and State grants, loan expenses, or what appears to be fund transfers.  I was looking for how much just operating the BCPA costs.  A lot!  The budget shows a loss of $497,873Just using expected Revenue and Expenses from operations, the expected loss if $1,339,595.

Solid waste MUST break even according to David Hales, therefore you have to pay more.  Not so much when it’s entertainment.



7 thoughts on “BCPA – a BIG loser

  1. My kid’s in band at a Unit 5 school. Their first band concert is being held at the BCPA…instead of its usual spot at the high school. Parents have to PAY to attend their kids’ concert at the BCPA. 5 bucks per ticket – which isn’t the kicker. The kicker is the FEES we have to pay for the BCPA. For three of us to attend our fifth grader’s band concert, it’s more than $25 when fees added. $25 is no big deal. But interesting that they’re making a profit off a kids’ band concert. And who’s NOT going to go see their kid’s band concert?


      1. I don’t think government exists “only” to make themselves rich. That’s an exaggeration. However, it most certainly seems that wants are far outweighing needs…


  2. Well that is the fault of the voters that did not vote and those that voted in people that do not know how to run the city they cannot even get meeting notices out on time.
    They cannot have a budget done by now. Go see how many budgets are done or almost done around the state.
    They are beholding to special people and not all the people.
    Break this syndicate by finding real citizens that are not beholding to anyone but all of us!! We must get candidates to announce now so the veterans will finally have some competition and maybe not even run again.
    Land barons versus the citizens.
    IWU versus the citizens
    We will win.


  3. Look at concessions…food and beverage

    $25,200 in revenues but $44,601 in BCPA beverage cost and $24,000 in concessions/food cost?

    Who the heck is running this operation?


  4. BCPA & Coliseum are in the same boat as far as losses are concerned. We shall see how many BCPA patrons will continue begging for more programs and what happens as a result of the budget discussions.


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