Fly on the Wall: Pantagraph

Proof the Pantagraph and Rachel Wells are totally in bed with the City of Bloomington:  No coverage of the budget discussion at last night’s Council meeting!  If they don’t report, it doesn’t exist. Wow?  Why report facts?  I know hardly anybody reads the Pantagraph anymore, but for those who still do, now you have proof […]

Somebody is Lying

by: Diane Benjamin On September 21, 2013 the Pantagraph had a front page story about Brian Barnes, the former City of Bloomington Finance Director.  The article was very out-of-place since it was from 2008.  Maybe the Pantagraph can’t find anything current to investigate.  If they need help, I can suggest a myriad of possibilities. Rachel […]

Pantagraph creates news – doesn’t report

by Diane Benjamin I realize most of the readers of are not willing to pay for the Pantagraph, and I certainly don’t blame you.  They are an agenda driven paper, and that agenda does not include reporting accurately and looking out for the people.  Investigative journalism should be their highest priority, but the Pantagraph […]