Pantagraph creates news – doesn’t report

by Diane Benjamin

I realize most of the readers of are not willing to pay for the Pantagraph, and I certainly don’t blame you.  They are an agenda driven paper, and that agenda does not include reporting accurately and looking out for the people.  Investigative journalism should be their highest priority, but the Pantagraph fails that on every level.  They are nothing more than partners in crime with city government.  Their motto is:  make everything appear rosy and the citizens will never learn the truth.

Evidence 1:

Rachel Wells did an excellent story Friday on the street lights in Harwood place. The story contained many quotes from residents who are aggravated with the city.    Not only did the city waste $3800 conducting yet another study, they failed to take the recommendations of residents who have researched the problem – of course that would have been free.

The point here is this:  today the Pantagraph printed a small retraction to the story.  Obviously somebody at City Hall called (David Hales) and demanded it.  Pantagraph obeyed.  Journalism at it’s finest.

Evidence 2:

Rachel Wells wrote another story today that should be disappointing to all fair minded citizens.  At Monday’s City Council meeting, Stockton will appoint the write-in candidate to fill Bernie Andersen’s term.  Stockton’s move is just like the tricks he played to seat Mboka Mwilambwe.  Mboka was rejected by the council, another Stockton choice was also rejected, which left the field wide open for Stockton to place him on the council without approval.

Stockton has 3 choices for Anderson’s seat:  a guy running as a write-in (I guess he was too busy to bother with petitions), a guy formerly on the council and not running in April, and the only guy who will be on the ballot-Kevin Lower.

The Pantagraph played right along with Stockton maintaining the Good-Ole-Boy network.  They are obviously in bed together to keep citizens off the council.  If a YES vote can’t be counted on no matter what the issue, Stockton doesn’t want them on the Council.   God knows Judy Stearns stands up for the people – one of them is enough!  Citizens do not have a right to opinions on city business.  If the Council approves Stockton’s choice, the Pantagraph will print endless stories singing the praises of the write-in guy.

Hopefully the Council will again throw a bucket of cold water at Stockton and refuse his choice.  The  hypocrisy of the council, who claim to represent the people, will be on display Monday night 7:00pm.  Be there to witness if they will rise above it!

For the Pantagraph, there is no hope.  Since most of you no longer subscribe – Kudos!

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