Kathy Michael Press Release: Customer Satisfaction

By:  Diane Benjamin I was one of the people against dissolving the Recorder’s Office.  The only reason was because property rights are vital to securing freedom and the right to own property.  Other countries do not protect private property like this one.  I do know before Lee Newcom (the late Recorder of Deeds) spent many […]

Another Opinion the Pantagraph refused to print

By John Butler The initiative to abolish the office of County Recorder and have the County Clerk assume the duties of the office, is promoted as a way to save money and increase efficiency.  I am dubious that it will do either, and concerned that voters are being manipulated by facts and figures, that don’t […]

Does Kathy Michael and the County Clerks Office know what they are doing? – Update

by Diane Benjamin I just voted in Ellsworth.  The computer system and electronic ballots ARE NOT WORKING.  It is now 10:30, the poll opened at 6:00 am.  How many other machines are not working?  The computers were purchased at great expense to save the printing of election books.  Was that a good idea?  Those of us who […]

Reasons the Recorder of Deeds Should Remain Elected

On November 6th, the voters in McLean County will be asked if they want to move the Recorder of Deeds office into the County Clerk’s Office.  Since private property rights are critical, and what makes us different from other countries, weakening control of land documents puts our freedom and liberty at risk.  Please vote NO – keep the Recorder an independent and and […]