Kathy Michael Press Release: Customer Satisfaction

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was one of the people against dissolving the Recorder’s Office.  The only reason was because property rights are vital to securing freedom and the right to own property.  Other countries do not protect private property like this one.  I do know before Lee Newcom (the late Recorder of Deeds) spent many years cleaning up the office, problems did exist.  My fear was not having one elected individual looking out for property owners, the office would revert back to dysfunctional.  I have to admit I was wrong.

Last week Kathy Michael, the County Clerk who now oversees to the Recorder’s Office after voters eliminated the Recorder’s position, issued a Press Release:

2017 Recording Division 2017 Customer Survey Results

Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk, believes fewer units of government are needed in Illinois and says, “you can look to our office as an example and see that merging duties can be done effectively through good management, excellent staff, and rolling up your sleeves and getting the work done for the taxpayers.”

We’ve posted information about results from our second Recording Division Survey. Thus far, with “5” being the best rating for customer service, we have a 4.70 average from local users/customers, who include many local attorneys and title companies.

By Referendum, with the decision for this merger placed in the hands of the voters of McLean County, the Recorder Office duties were merged to the County Clerk’s office effective 12/31/13. This process has gone well. In 2014, our survey average was 4.53.

Feel free to ask for our customer mailing lists so you may contact the customers invited to participate in this 2017 survey. You may also request to review the received forms and their comments.

Any questions, let us know, thanks, have a nice week-end.

Kathy Michael

McLean County Clerk

Phone:  309.888.5183

Fax:  309.888.5932

Government Center

115 E. Washington St., Rm. 102

PO Box 2400  Bloomington, IL 61702

County Clerk Website – Clerk and Recording Divisions

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2 thoughts on “Kathy Michael Press Release: Customer Satisfaction

  1. Thanks Diane. Over the years, we have not always agreed; and probably won’t on some things in the future, but I have always appreciated your hard work, frankness, and research done on matters important to the County. Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk


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