Alinsky Monday: Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin City of Bloomington has a Committee of Whole meeting Monday.  Agenda: On the agenda: How the Budget Overview is presented will be fascinating.  If it is “sugar-coated” it will be to promote the discussion following.  Tax revenue has to be plummeting:  Income tax, Sales Tax, Food and Beverage Taxes, Hotel/Motel Tax, […]

Visual: Why the B-N decline will continue

By:  Diane Benjamin Government does not create prosperity.  Government can only function on money it steals from citizens. The pic below is from PDF page 194 of the Bloomington financial statements: 10 years ago 4 of the top 10 employers were government, in 2018 it is 5 of 10.  The only government agency […]

Redistributing your wealth!

By:  Diane Benjamin Taxes are theft! Public officials who don’t understand this need to be kicked out of office.  Your wallet is not their playground! Cities created a social compact with citizens to do what citizens can’t do on their own.  Think streets, sewer, fire protection, and police.  Citizens volunteered part of their wealth for […]

2 things the left wants now

In other words . . . redistribute more of your wealth! __________________________________ Dear MoveOn member, Student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion. Millions are buried under student debt, forced to put off major purchases and life decisions. In short, student loan debt has become the latest financial crisis in America. If we do absolutely nothing, the entire […]

The Case against Social Justice

“All men are created equal” is the creed that makes a diverse nation possible.  But a flaw was built into the original construction, which is open to multiple interpretations, including destructive ones.  The most destructive of these is the idea that government can and should “level the playing field”.  Obviously, all people are not created equal but are born with disparate abilities and characteristics. […]