Local School Spending Reports

Courtesy of  Open The Books.  Most other districts are available at:  http://www.openthebooks.com/search/documents/?PensionCode=1853 The State of Illinois is going to try to transfer teacher pension payments to local districts.  Then what? District 87  http://www.openthebooks.com/file.aspx?AssetPath=ZC3qJRVoHAKKqfRvuR1E64DeD6vqVg18GDALGsi0AxXK7kbTpPnS6SiX4%2fDIMgpDqM6X2ctrjXhDBJ25CJwyL4lkgbAq0LPcgtany1h%2b3omaycfe5yZoOgvq%2b5QjoTAg%2fOOvJj36GkFGQML826VsBQ%3d%3d . Unit 5  http://www.openthebooks.com/file.aspx?AssetPath=ZC3qJRVoHAKKqfRvuR1E64DeD6vqVg18GDALGsi0AxWX6JXqZYrCXYF6RzMq4WvdUEfZgyi8lWfTUxjwfJfiITtTZKVXcZv3hBxFA4dvK2xKwkDxuKMJ2Mh7mfMzV5AnDllz%2f0UYhT%2f%2fr2yWoKNitQ%3d%3d . Tri-Valley  http://www.openthebooks.com/file.aspx?AssetPath=ZC3qJRVoHAKKqfRvuR1E64DeD6vqVg18GDALGsi0AxUyhguDW4CQAau2csZbtn%2fDpnj21Ti%2ffm7kQIHg7AaagwjphFurF7EXrJzOQ93qUA%2bJCpubgoHXMY4mthxEjRZK%2bJ6WYuRtYVlHjJ91P93bjQ%3d%3d .  Olympia  http://www.openthebooks.com/file.aspx?AssetPath=ZC3qJRVoHAKKqfRvuR1E64DeD6vqVg18GDALGsi0AxVY9P9%2bJizBFDSAhEFM1tHNJRbCrT9QlB1d8lhUhkEXMaq4%2bKMtPuSbzReEdLVOCJeQ7LmpeuGQska6YStgedvB . . . .  

Video: This is what is taught in Chicago schools

Black students taught to hate whites at Chicago public schools http://topconservativenews.com/2012/04/chicago-public-schools-are-far-left-training-camps/ Students taught to hate white people in Chicago public schools. A black female tells the class that the NRA wants blacks to buy guns and kill each other. She claims that the NRA views black people as “porch monkeys.” Then a guest from something […]

Your kids still in public school?

MARCH 15, 2013 12:00 A.M. Common Core as Trojan Horse  It’s time to opt out of the creepy federal data-mining racket.By Michelle Malkin Last week, I reported on the federal government’s massive new student-tracking database, which was created as part of the nationalized Common Core standards scheme. The bad news: GOP “leadership” continues to ignore or, […]

Union Steward Paid $100K By Taxpayers Attends Rally Advocating Against Them

It’s Easy To Attend Rallies When You’re Paid By Jarrett Skorup | Dec. 13, 2012 | Follow Jarrett Skorup on Twitter In response to the legislature taking up a right-to-work bill, Maryanne Levine, the president of the Chippewa Valley School District local union drew a parallel to the actions of Adolf Hitler. “We must close union offices, […]


In a nation that is often described as “post-Christian,” a spark of revival might be on the horizon. A breeding ground of Darwinian evolution and atheism — and more recently, spreading Islamization — England has been recognized as falling away from its Christian heritage for generations. But recent survey results released by Oxford University indicate […]

More on School Districts

by Diane Benjamin http://www.ilhonorroll.niu.edu/scripts/awards.asp?searchStr=L&awtype=E&year=2011&so=name Which area schools achieved: 2011 Academic Excellence Awards No Unit 5 Schools No Dist 87 Schools Tri-Valley Elementary Tri-Valley Middle School No Leroy schools Lexington Elementary No Heyworth Schools Olympia West Elementary Ridgeview Elementary Also See:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/12/school-district-comparison-continued/ Also See:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/12/school-district-comparisons/

School District comparison (continued)

by Diane Benjamin (continued from previous post) From the Illinois State Board of Education website: http://www.isbe.net/ See the chart below: Close to 50% of all 11th graders in the state are BELOW average in all 3 subjects Dist 87: 52.5% below standards in reading 57% below standards in math 58.6% below standards in science If your […]

School District comparisons

by Diane Benjamin From the Illinois State Board of Education website: http://www.isbe.net/ See the chart below: Unit 5 and District 87 have less Administrators per pupil, but the percent spent on Instruction is low. Where is the money going?  Graduations rates are way below surrounding districts. Leroy, Lexington, and Ridgeview have high pupil to admin percentages. […]