Parents: Why aren’t YOU fighting Common Core?

by:  Diane Benjamin Did you watch “The Story of Us” on The History Channel?  I started watching it until George Washington was a footnote to the Revolutionary War.  Welcome to Common Core! At least 2 area school districts are standing up for kids.  Where are the local school districts?  Saying nothing.  Worse, where are you […]

Common Core-Every parent needs to read

Michelle Malkin has the facts about Common Core every parent in America needs to know There has been a lot of discussion about Common Core lately and a growing swell of concerned parents across the country as public schools nationwide begin to apply the Federal standards to curriculums. But what are the facts? Michelle Malkin has been […]

Common Core: 10,000 Long Island families fight back!

The ‘harsh reality’ of how test-driven curriculum affects kids By Valerie Strauss, Published: September 18, 2013 Here is moving testimony that a Long Island parent, Jeanette Deutermann, gave Wednesday to a committee of New York State senators on how standardized test-based education reform negatively affected her children, a second grader and a fifth grader. She also explains […]

Illinois Citizens Against Common Core – Update

Our kids deserve better and the Federal Government is breaking the 10th amendment by handing money to cash-strapped states to implement Common Core.  The 10th Amendment prohibits the Federal Government from being involved in education.  Local schools should make their own decisions! Inform yourself by watching this video: Common Core can ONLY be stopped […]