Illinois Citizens Against Common Core – Update

Our kids deserve better and the Federal Government is breaking the 10th amendment by handing money to cash-strapped states to implement Common Core.  The 10th Amendment prohibits the Federal Government from being involved in education.  Local schools should make their own decisions!

Inform yourself by watching this video:

Common Core can ONLY be stopped in Springfield.  Rep Dwight Kay has introduced a bill to delay implementation – HR0543

Illinois Citizens for Better Education has met with Keith Sommer and Bill Brady.  Brady conveyed to them that unless they get 100 letters or emails from citizens, they ignore the issue.  That means our kids need you to act.

Contact information for legislators can be found here:

They won’t act unless you do!

More information is available at

This is a link to general facts about Common Core:  Overview of Common Core

This is a link to a sample letter to legislators: Sample Letter

Perhaps the most distressing aspect of the “transition” from the ISAT to PARCC assessments and the increase in cut scores is the disregard how these changes will impact the children in our classrooms. Why are we subjecting thousands of children and teachers to the stress of ISAT administration for the next two years and the humiliation of a pre-determined course of failure on the ISAT? How do school staff and parents explain to a 9-year-old that their failure to meet state standards is to due to a statistical adjustment that will enable ISBE to avoid the public relations disaster of a dramatic drop in test scores with the new PARCC assessment? How do school administrators explain to their dedicated teachers that they are doing an outstanding job of working with children despite a dramatic downturn in test results?

This is a quote from a school Superintendent in Illinois:


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  1. Common Core education is all a part of the dumbing down of our youth, because they are the future of America. The left-wing Progressives know this and that is why they have targeted our children. A dumb nation will follow an ignorant government like Obama’s. Remember the Hitler Youth because it is happening all over again……….the devil never changes his tactics, same old bag of tricks!

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