Bad things start in California – here’s one

What to watch for locally: Sustainable Communities = NO private Property Rights Sustainable Communities = means jamming people into dense, urban centers using high-density residential housing and high-intensity retail and commercial buildings near mass transit corridors.  Best practices = We have to limit citizen rights “Sustainable” is frequently mentioned by officials in both Bloomington and […]

You can’t escape Agenda 21

Now you need to Remodel for Sustainability!   Questions:  Who decided we weren’t sustainable?  Who appointed anybody to be in charge of deciding what is and what isn’t sustainable?  Why are their opinions forced on you?  Bloomington – Where to you think the idea of requiring sprinklers in new construction came from?  Note the word “vision”, that would be the one […]

Agenda 21 – Normal Illinois

If you know NOTHING about Agenda 21 – watch this video: False-Choices-The-Story-of-Agenda-21-713151488 The entire “Uptown” Normal was redeveloped for “sustainability”.   Here are pictures of 2 new buildings – commerce on the main floor, apartments above: Uptown is covered with these buildings!  The town wants to build another one in the empty lot across from the […]