Downtown Task Force gets slapped

By:  Diane Benjamin The “Special” meeting before the 7:00 Council meeting has discussions about the library and the City property tax rate. The Library Board wants a tax increase but they don’t know what it is for.  Either they are going to continue plans to expand where they are or they are going to use […]

Surprise! You are the last to know

By:  Diane Benjamin I hear David Hales and Patti-Lynn Silva will be talking about raising property taxes!  This meeting is open to the public. Detroit Drive is off Towanda Barnes Road just north of the theater. I can tell you how they decide your taxes.  They need X dollars, they go to the Assessor and […]

More STRETCHES of the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin At the Monday Bloomington City Council meeting the City will claim that property taxes are not being raised.  The two charts below show the library wanting a $0.03 increase and the City recommending a $1.02 decrease.  (   PDF pages 171 and 182) Both charts show magic!  The library shows the Old […]

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