Proof of the Koos debt

By: Diane Benjamin I could write MANY stories about last night’s Bloomington Council meeting. I might write more, I might not. I didn’t want you to miss this graphic: Every citizen of Normal is in twice as much debt as those who live in Bloomington. That is why the end of the Uptown TIF is […]

Normal’s TOTAL debt

By: Diane Benjamin From the Illinois Comptrollers website: Bond debt and “Other” = $85,752,874 Note: The Town only paid off $2,205,000 the entire year. Keep in mind NO principal is being paid on some of the loans, just interest. They forgot to say what “other” is: (did the same in 2019 and 2018) Pensions […]

Why Normal thinks their debt is fine

By:  Diane Benjamin Previous story based on the Budget Session documents: It has always annoyed me when Koos and company claim Normal’s debt isn’t a problem.  They think it isn’t because they are NOT looking at the big picture, they only look at what payments will be required every year. They don’t care about […]