BCPA: You call this accounting?

by:  Diane Benjamin According to the City: Commerce Bank is the City’s p-card vendor.  Staff is authorized to use the p-card to make purchases for City business.  The program began January 15, 2008.   Sincerely, Renee Gooderham Records & Information Manager   So, at least some City employees have a City Credit Card.  I was […]

Antiquated accounting hides true pension debt

Pension solution requires Truth In Accounting MARCH 15, 2013 | by Richard Lorenc | REBOOT ILLINOIS Reposted from Reboot Illinois. While waiting out a surprise snowstorm at the airport earlier this week, I caught a glimpse of a cable news show featuring a large headline that read, “585 days since we lost our AAA rating.” The rating downgrade, […]

On Dan Brady and Bill Brady’s watch:

Illinois According to analysis by the Institute for Truth in Accounting, Illinois does not have enough assets available ($23.2 billion), to pay the state’s bills, ($182.3 billion). The difference, $159.2 billion, divided by the number of taxpayers in the state, is the per-taxpayer burden: $38,500 in 2011.  Only six states–Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Nebraska, and […]