Hypocrisy of the left? Update – NOW LIES!

The Democrat Party just sent this email:   BREAKING: President Obama threatens to veto Republican bill raising student loan rates In a few hours, John Boehner and House Republicans are voting to increase student loan rates to as high as 8.5% for the families who already struggle the most to afford a college education.That is despicable. […]

Van Jones wants YOUR guns

The communist radical Van Jones isn’t giving up on taking all your guns away.  His dream is government control of everything and you being armed makes that difficult.  The 2nd Amendment is a big obstacle to the agenda.  He speaks about magazine bans and background checks, but look closer.  The posters shown on the links below show the real agenda. He […]

Message from Communist Van Jones

Keep in mind – ISU invited Van to headline the Martin Luther King dinner in January.  This treasonous Marxist is being paid over $20,000 to desecrate a dinner to honor a true patriot.     Wait! The fight isn’t over! Tuesday night was HUGE. Everyday people triumphed over big money. Years of hard work paid off. And best […]

Illinois State University – the Radicals of McLean County? Update

If you want to voice your opinion:, email: Jay Groves  [email protected] Jay approved the contract.   by Diane Benjamin http://illinoisstate.edu/president/speaker-series/fall-2012/jones.shtml See the above link.  Van Jones will be speaking at Illinois State University for the Martin Luther King dinner 1/18/2013.  He will be speaking about the ‘Greening’ of the US economy.  The announcement leaves A […]

“Rebuild the Dream” demanding a nightmare

Rebuild the Dream is a group organized under President Obama to help him get re-elected.  Van Jones, the self-identified communist who was forced to resign as the Green Jobs czar, is one of the forces behind this group. These emails normally sound flowery and have the “We are looking out for you” tone.  This one […]