Van Jones wants YOUR guns

The communist radical Van Jones isn’t giving up on taking all your guns away.  His dream is government control of everything and you being armed makes that difficult.  The 2nd Amendment is a big obstacle to the agenda.  He speaks about magazine bans and background checks, but look closer.  The posters shown on the links below show the real agenda.

He sent the following today:

Just recently, news broke that Senate leaders were considering dropping some of the most meaningful provisions from gun violence legislation.

Even super-majorities of gun owners overwhelmingly support common-sense measures like a ban on high-capacity magazines and universal background checks. We are little more than three months after the massacre at Newtown. But most U.S. senators seem more worried about NRA attack ads in 2014 than the gun violence that is taking innocent lives today.

The answer to gun violence is not simple. In many communities, nothing stops a bullet like a job. Plus, we need more community-based violence prevention programs. But we also need strong common-sense gun laws. To win that fight, we need to reach out to spark new energy.

To engage our friends and neighbors, we are teaming up with the Creative Action Network. Dozens of artists have submitted astonishing, moving posters that remind us why we fight and inspire us to dream differently. They could not come at a better time.

Check out these powerful posters at now — and then share them with your friends, family and community.

The most-shared posters will be given a place of honor at a gallery show in San Francisco on April 18th, helping the artist sell prints. 

Click share today and you will be supporting talented individuals at the creative edge of 21st century advocacy.

Not only that: You will help change the minds of friends, relatives and neighbors, and inspire them to join the fight.

In the weeks to come, Rebuilders will do more than share moving designs online. We will also bring this art out onto the sidewalks and streets of our communities — and bring culture and creativity into a perilous political moment.

Visit today.

The gun crisis, along with the struggle for fair immigration laws, is a key fight of the moment. Congress’s limited courage is already failing. We need to step up.

Thank you,

Van and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team

Keep an eye on your freedom, we’ve lost enough already!

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