Who is the Working Group working for?

By:  Diane Benjamin Why was the Connect Transit Working Group formed? Think back: People disenfranchised by route changes, non ADA compliance, fare increases, and huge empty buses showed up at City Council meetings (over and over) demanding changes. These people had tried talking to the Connect Transit Board and were ignored. They tried talking to […]

Bloomington: Renner and Hales are spending YOUR money again UPDATE

UPDATE: Mayor Renner just pulled this discussion off the agenda! Correction:  An addendum  changed the amount to $202,865.  Total spent on studies since November is now over $300,000! by:  Diane Benjamin At the January 27th City Council meeting, this will be on the agenda: Comprehensive Plan Proposed Scope of Work by Houseal Lavigne Associates for Professional […]

You can’t escape Agenda 21

Now you need to Remodel for Sustainability!   Questions:  Who decided we weren’t sustainable?  Who appointed anybody to be in charge of deciding what is and what isn’t sustainable?  Why are their opinions forced on you?  Bloomington – Where to you think the idea of requiring sprinklers in new construction came from?  Note the word “vision”, that would be the one […]

More “Visioning”

by Diane Benjamin In a previous post I explained that “visioning” and citizen involvement is nothing more than a ruse.  The plans are already made, now the elected will manipulate you into going along. This video shows the process.