Pantagraph and Social media

By: Diane Benjamin Yesterday the Pantagraph printed an editorial called: Commentary: Social media is hurting America, and 2019 is the year we need to do something about it It was supposedly from the Dallas Morning News with no names attached.  Read it here if you missed it: Yes, they claim social media is hurting […]

TWO arena show results

By:  Diane Benjamin The results of two shows, one in November and one in December, are now posted: Both shows made money. but both reports show a problem. Who BUYS tickets to a show and doesn’t attend?  Both reports show more tickets were sold than the total of people who actually attended – even […]

Are all Commissions really a joke?

By:  Diane Benjamin We know Bloomington’s Police Review Board (PSCRB) has been in existence for a year, held lots of meetings, prepared information for citizens, and has yet to hear one complaint.  Anybody think it was set up as a “feel good” board and never intended to hear complaints? Now we will see if Normal’s Historic […]

Update: Atlanta: Laws followed

Link to hearing video:   By:  Diane Benjamin The hearing that wasn’t legal last week was held today.  This time an agenda was available and all parties that needed to be there were there. Several citizens expressed sympathies to Billie Cheek and apologized if their comments when she wasn’t present at the last meeting […]

Why pay dues to the Chamber of Commerce?

By:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Chamber of Commerce has this cute map on their website: It claims Illinois isn’t in the top or bottom 10 states for Tax Climate. I wonder why people are fleeing Illinois then? The reason is because the Chamber is putting lipstick on a pig! They should have […]

Facts don’t matter

by:  Diane Benjamin Facts frequently don’t matter because too many people think with their heart instead of their brain.  They twist facts to prove to themselves why conservative values are wrong.  Any one who thinks government is their friend falls into this category.  Government doesn’t exist to solve problem because:  1) it isn’t their money […]