Normal: Koos Kingdom Continues Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin More proof Koosville is not government for the citizens. Normal is whatever Koos wills – kneel now serfs! The people who serve on Normal’s Boards and Commission don’t work for the citizens – they work for Koos. Citizens aren’t allowed to know who is being appointed until after the Council approves […]

I wonder what happened to Normal’s request?

By: Diane Benjamin Correction: this was his hearing the last time he was appointed. No hearings are scheduled yet for his current appointment. If he isn’t confirmed by the end of this Congress this year the process starts over. If you were wondering about Chris Koos’ appointment to the Amtrak Board, hearings are scheduled for […]

Koos: Stan upsetting my kingdom

By:  Diane Benjamin Tuesday Chris Koos had to run to his favorite taxpayer funded media – WGLT – to complain about Stan Nord.  The issue:  Stan won’t rubber stamp my appointees! The article eventually got to Karyn Smith who also spoke about not having time to research who Koos’ Connect Transit Board appointee is. […]