Last night’s Aldermen debate

by:  Diane Benjamin If you missed the WGLT/League of Women Votes debate last night, you can listen to it here: Participating in the debate were: Current Aldermen – Sage (unopposed), Schmidt (unopposed), Hauman (Ward 8), Painter (Ward 5) Candidates:  Franklin (Ward 8), Diaz (Ward 5) Ward 4 candidates debated previously, so they didn’t participate. This budget […]

Bloomington: Why you got 3 tax increases

by:  Diane Benjamin Local politicians know it doesn’t take many votes to win a local election.  They know many people are not going to vote in an off-year.  In 2013 local unions threw money in the Renner campaign.  The Chamber of (Crony) Commerce spent money on radio ads to get the spenders elected.  Luckily they […]

Mayor Renner moves toward dictatorship

by:  Diane Benjamin Blame former Mayor Steve Stockton.  See the Board and Commissions on the City website: These people do much of the planning for what happens in Bloomington.  The Board and Commissions are largely made up of citizen volunteers.  They have specific terms they are supposed to serve, this system is supposed to […]

Main Street Association Debate – Alderman

by: Diane Benjamin Since the press didn’t cover this event, I will recap the high points.  Evidently the citizens of Bloomington are waiting for the Pantagraph to tell them who to vote for because a large part of the crowd were supporters of various candidates.  Citizens of Bloomington evidently don’t care about crumbling roads and […]