Bloomington: Why you got 3 tax increases

by:  Diane Benjamin

Local politicians know it doesn’t take many votes to win a local election.  They know many people are not going to vote in an off-year.  In 2013 local unions threw money in the Renner campaign.  The Chamber of (Crony) Commerce spent money on radio ads to get the spenders elected.  Luckily they didn’t score 100%, the unions did.

In 2015 you have another chance.

Taxes will continue to increase every year because the current leaders in Bloomington do not want to consider cutting the budget.  The future in Bloomington is government theft of your money – because they can.

There are people in Bloomington who love to pay taxes.  They vote.  They want cradle-to-grave entitlements.  They will vote for their own destruction and not even realize it.  The non-voting population allows them to make the rules.

Here’s what needs to happen.  Starting today, talk, talk, talk to other Bloomington citizens.  They must be educated on the importance of voting in 2015.  Ask them if 3 tax increases was enough, because more are on the way unless the City Council is changed.  Show them the following Voter Turnout chart from 2013 below.  Ask them why they allow a tiny percent of citizens to make decisions for them.

Tari Renner wants his own candidates and he will be assisted by unions and the Chamber of Commerce.  There are still more people opposed to spending than make a living from it.  Your job is to make sure they vote.  Start now.  Tell them to practice voting in November.  Springfield needs changed too.

Click to enlarge.

Bloomington - Election Results2






3 thoughts on “Bloomington: Why you got 3 tax increases

  1. Great Article!! I have already been talking to people, and there are many who do not even know that taxes were raised. Far too many people have their head buried in the sand.


    1. Of course you’re not the one with your head buried. Others, yes. You, no. Always funny how that’s the case.


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