Mayor Renner moves toward dictatorship

by:  Diane Benjamin

Blame former Mayor Steve Stockton.  See the Board and Commissions on the City website:

These people do much of the planning for what happens in Bloomington.  The Board and Commissions are largely made up of citizen volunteers.  They have specific terms they are supposed to serve, this system is supposed to give citizens a voice in government.  Mayor Stockton never reviewed the appointments.  Many people were serving with expired terms.  When Mayor Renner took office, one of the first thing he did was clean up the appointments.  He was able to put HIS people on these Boards and Commissions.

Now Mayor Renner is raising money to help get HIS people elected to the City Council.  The City Council is the only board possibly standing in his way.  He wants it stacked.  Normal has a stacked Council.  Congrats Normal-you just got another tax increase.

The citizens of Bloomington need to wake up now.   The deck is being stacked against YOU so a professor who has been dreaming of Utopia for decades can try to create it – with your money.  Remind you of anybody?

Some of the current potted plant members of the City Council are up for election next year.  Your wallet needs good candidates now to run against them.


3 thoughts on “Mayor Renner moves toward dictatorship

  1. Yeah, it reminds me of someone alright. Birds of a feather conspire together!
    That is why I warned as many people as I could not to vote for Teri Renner because back in 2007 Renner spoke at camp Obama to help then Senator Obama and his Chicago gangster government of Axelrod, Jarrett, Emanuel and Soros to take over D.C. so they could spread their Socialist cancer throughout our land!

  2. It appears the McLean County Democrat Party has a strategy and a plan of action to take over the Mclean County Board and the City Council. Where are the GOP?

    1. Good point Jeff! If our local Republican Party is truly the Grand Old Party it use to be then they will fight this take over and if they are just a bunch of NEOCONS and RINOS working for the same agenda then they will make sure these Demoncrats come out on top!

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