Cassy Taylor fails to respond

By: Diane Benjamin I posted this in an earlier story: I asked the County Administrator TWICE for an explanation. She failed to respond to either request. It appears the County collected a lot more cannabis revenue than they thought they would. The estimates were off by $390,000. The question still remains: Where is that money […]

McLean County: Cannabis tax?

By: Diane Benjamin The McLean County Justice Committee is meeting this afternoon. One item on the agenda caught my attention: PDF page 236: This item was placed on the agenda by Cassy Taylor, County Administrator. I emailed her yesterday morning for an explanation, no response yet. Appropriation means spending or possibly transferring the funds […]

Normal Comedy show Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin See Part 1 here: Everybody wants to pull things from the Omnibus Agenda now. Remember the 10 minute meetings? They are long gone. Scott Preston pulled approving the fire protection agreement with ISU just to gloat about how well the Town and ISU work together. Stan dared to ask if the […]