McLean County: Cannabis tax?

By: Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Justice Committee is meeting this afternoon. One item on the agenda caught my attention:

PDF page 236:

This item was placed on the agenda by Cassy Taylor, County Administrator. I emailed her yesterday morning for an explanation, no response yet.

Appropriation means spending or possibly transferring the funds somewhere. Considering the County budgeted $28,116, don’t you want to know why $390,900 needs to be added? Is this a State windfall the County wasn’t planning to receive so now it needs put somewhere?

I have no idea what it is, this story will be updated when Ms. Taylor answers my question. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens slightly before the 4:30 meeting or after. (of course sometimes writing a story produces an answer)








One thought on “McLean County: Cannabis tax?

  1. I read in this that they received 28k in cannabis taxes and they are adding this to their budget of money already in hand of 390k if so why would they not reduce their budgeted money. Not sure if I am reading this correctly

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