Connect, the VA Clinic, and Chris Koos

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Mayor Chris Koos isn’t happy with Stan Nord for doing a video showing how far veterans have to travel to get to the VA Clinic if they ride the bus.  See this story from yesterday: To Koos everything is political.  Koos obviously has no intent of solving problems, this one […]

Why does Connect Transit have 5 Mobility Buses?

By:  Diane Benjamin h/t:  a Reader From the Connect Transit website: Connect Transit has 5 small buses people can schedule to use at a higher cost. How often are these 5 buses used?  PDF page 11: The 5 buses average 3 boarding per hour.  That means a large percentage of the time the […]

( $899,191.05 )

By:  Diane Benjamin It should come as no surprise by now the Title of this story is how much Connect Transit lost in just the month of April. Let that sink in for a minute. Source: April had 30 days.  That means the empty buses were burning $29,973 in tax dollars EVERY DAY in […]

Year end Connect Transit $$$

By:  Diane Benjamin Connect Transit ended their Fiscal Year 6/30/2017 with ridership below last year and well short of their goal: Connect Transit competes with Uber and taxi service.  Your government is assaulting the private sector by redistributing your money to their preferred transportation provider.  I wonder who Connect Transit employees voted for? See page […]

Connect Transit: Great News

By:  Diane Benjamin Source: Tonight Connect Transit’s Board will discuss ending some unprofitable routes.  Sorry, they don’t mean all of them since NONE of the them are profitable.  They just want to get rid of the worst ones.  One would think Connect is trying to reduce the massive operating losses, sorry again – that […]