Connect Transit: Great News

By:  Diane Benjamin


Tonight Connect Transit’s Board will discuss ending some unprofitable routes.  Sorry, they don’t mean all of them since NONE of the them are profitable.  They just want to get rid of the worst ones.  One would think Connect is trying to reduce the massive operating losses, sorry again – that would be a NO.

The packet has projected budgets through 2022 when operating losses will be up to $14 million.  In 2017  the projected loss is just over $11 million.

Ridership did increase in April over last year, probably attributable to Sunday service.  Boardings per hour went down though.

The Pantagraph quoted Mike McCurdy (WGLT and Bike Blono) concerning the routes proposed to be discontinued.  McCurdy claimed they aren’t cost-effective.  See link and excerpt below.

The article then states a ride costs on average $4 to produce.  Connect charges $1 per ride with other cheaper options for passes available.

McCurdy doesn’t see the math problem everybody else sees.  Theft from people with money to provide public transportation at massive losses can only be called immoral.

The packet states the YWCA has lost Federal funding for its Medivan.  Connect Mobility will have more business at the expense of cutting other fixed routes.  Connect has borrowed almost $3 million from capital accounts for operating funds. (See page 9)

Running out of other people money Connect?






One thought on “Connect Transit: Great News

  1. I just saw a bus at Main and Hamilton, the southern terminal with 4 maybe 5 people on board. Granted, it was at 3:45pm, but really. If CT is I need if purchasing new buses, now would be the time to do so. They claim to have collected “hard data” regarding usage. Only those routes with a high number of passengers should have larger buses. The rest should use those similar to State Farm’s shuttles. As I read the Pantagraph article, it seems CT will be discontinuing the “on request” service for the handicapped. It is for those who can’t drive that public transportation is a necessity. Unbelievable!! Unacceptable!! What do these board members and directors do for their real jobs?


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