Is it you readers the local media hates?

By:  Diane Benjamin Some time around 2017 the rules changed at the Law and Justice Center for taking electronic devices inside the building.  The head Circuit Court judge appointed a member of the media to approve press credentials so they could take in cameras, cell phones etc.  The first press coordinator was Edith Brady-Lunny who […]

Kevin Gerrard response to media

By:  Diane Benjamin Gerrard is the guy who filed the ethics complaint with the City of Bloomington against Nikita Richards. This morning he left a comment on this site that neither the Pantagraph reporter or the WJBC reporter contacted him before doing stories.  He stated he is not behind the Bloomington Deserves Better Facebook page, […]

Did the Pantagraph comply?

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the email (printed with permission) from the attorney for Michael Cadena to the Pantagraph reporter who included #FakeNews in her article: I redacted her email address because it isn’t important. The only reason I got involved in this case is because of the reporting by the Pantagraph.  Michael Cadena was […]