Unethical Reporter: Edith Brady-Lunny

By:  Diane Benjamin

Ms. Lunny just published a story on the Jenn Carrillo violence post and didn’t mention where the Pantagraph found it. 

I know where she found it:

caririllo pantagraph

carrillo pantagraph 2

I have this sweet little program linked to my website that tells me where reads are from.  Above are two of the reads, I know there was at least one more, but redundancy is boring.

Funny how the Lunny article doesn’t mention BlnNews.  Comments are shut off on the Pantagraph website, people are commenting on Facebook though and I hear being deleted..

If anybody cares to read their pirated story:    https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/questions-on-ywca-mclean-county-director-s-facebook-post-does/article_6a4a0486-e406-521d-b02e-b7e22aa0be14.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1

Lunny asked various law enforcement people for their opinions on the Carrillo post.  She failed to ask Mr Not In Our Town Mike Matejka.  He should have been the first guy on her list!  Maybe he didn’t return her phone call.

I wonder if she asked candidate Nikita Richards if she is still standing with Jenn:

Edith confirmed that ethics and integrity in journalism at the Pantagraph don’t exist.  Thanks!

Why wasn’t a copy of Jenn’s post included in the article?  Maybe Lunny was too chicken to steal it.

Lunny did mention Jenn helped bail two people out of jail.  We know who the lady was and her arrest record, did Lunny notice they didn’t reveal who the guy was?  I bet there was a good reason for that!  Of course we won’t find out from the Pantagraph.

In case you missed the original story:  https://blnnews.com/2018/06/26/jennifer-carrillo-this-looks-like-a-threat/










10 thoughts on “Unethical Reporter: Edith Brady-Lunny

  1. So the Pantafraud is stealing your story?… How nice… They censored my comments on Monday because they challenged their “everything is OK” narrative regarding the current demise of State Farm. The elites, progressives and the establishment here are circling the wagon to protect themselves and system they have forced on our nice little towns.

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  2. In my career of 46 years of in broadcasting Edith’s story is one of the worst I have ever seen when it comes to stealing another’s story without giving credit. It is disgusting. But coming from the Pantagraph or an employee of them is no surprise. Other examples today alone….
    1) In today’s supreme court decision concerning public unions. The Pantagraph’s
    story on
    comments concerning the decision gives us the governor’s take and then
    9 accounts by union reps and politicians with a (D) after their name.
    I am sure other republican politicians have thoughts and there were comments
    on the Right To Work Website. I am not going to argue the decision….
    I am going to argue the failure of the Pantagraph to give a balance of comments.
    Shoddy journalism at best, coming from the newspaper that broke the printers
    union in their house.
    2) A story about a Chicago jury awarding 1 million to the relatives of a person shot
    by police. The story neglects to report the judge in the case vacated the award
    of the million dollars in the case immediately. Real great journalism in keeping
    on the story.

    You have got the Pantagraph dead tp rights on journalistic plagiarism.

    I may even have to watch the joke of local over the air news tonight at 10 to see if this
    is furthered by them. Of course they will credit their print partner at the Pantagraph.

    I am ashamed to admit what so called journalism for the main part has become today….
    Especially the TV Radio and Print in Peoria/Bloomington and Normal CRAP!


    1. There is really very little journalism going on in the mainstream media outlets and the same thing is happening nationally. Whether it is a corporate or a deep state narrative… it is all designed to benefit the rich and powerful while dividing America into warring factions. Most Americans now don’t trust the mainstream media and for very good reasons.


  3. Sad thing is , on the net ,, at the news in and aroung b/n and other .. i was reading this and in discussion on her in ward 6 running against Karen .. , and have to question a lot of both the paragraph , the reactions of a few , and how things are getting uglier and meaner ,, mark posted another shooting over on n . school as i was reading local things . Thank goodness for Mark , you and a few others . The city should of hired you as a consultant to get things in real accountable order instead of hiring a lap dog manager .. They act like they are being wonderful and humanitarian by helping spots up north like Cabrini green . but as many good folk escaping a bad situation ,, along with it came gangs and added issues . now as our mayor is even less accountable ,, we now have folk running as a representative that openly preach hate and hateful action . SAD .


  4. YEP! Read the daily PARAgraph (which isn’t any bigger then the Weekly Reader we USED to get in school) and saw where they basically STOLE your reporting. I found the guy falling out of the plane story interesting though, and NOBODY I know died. Funnies were OK. THANKS for the good reporting Diane.
    I’m sure Mike M would TRY to back away from this kind of rhetoric, although as a “union man” he’s probably not against it..

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  5. Edith Brady-Loony is scum. Have had several interactions with her, and she is so far to the Left–particularly radicalized in regards to the sexual deviance agenda–that she is utterly incapable of even considering more traditional viewpoints. Fits into the Rennerite power structure very well. Absolutely scum!


  6. Didn’t credit where she found it?!? IT WAS ON FACEBOOK! Jeez…come on, Diane. You republished it! Woodward and Bernstein you ain’t. LOL.


    1. It was only available to her “friends” and had been taken down long before the Panty story. Of course you can’t read the part of my story where they read it on my site. Thanks for confirming you are an idiot.


  7. Just a reminder that Rich thinks Diane and all of us want Hales to get cancer.
    Gaslighting that is as sinister and as over the top as it gets: See his own words below:

    Rich says:
    June 1, 2018 at 10:10 am
    Man…you and your commenters are mean. Maybe he’ll get cancer, too.


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