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By:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council LOVES their SECRET meetings – Executive Sessions.  They love them so much they won’t release the minutes from when Tom Hamilton was City Manager!  Hamilton retired more than 9 years ago.  The only reason to not release evaluations etc. is to hide.  Some people are STILL on the Council and they don’t want you to know what they said.  The David Hales evaluations would be even more interesting, no chance you will see those!  They assume they can keep you from finding out what was said forever.

Tari made the same point to Scott Laughlin about the secret meetings to pick Tim Gleason.  Tari actually praised Steve Rasmussen for his leadership.  Renner actually used the word “masterful” to describe the job he has done.  I wonder if the minutes would show he is lying again?  We won’t know – it’s a secret.

I know the Council has been told not to talk about Executive Session, but there is no law stopping them from talking.  If they want to say who supported what candidate they can.  If somebody wants to say who Tari really supported they can.

Nothing is stopping the Council from being transparent except themselves.

No, transparency from more than a decade ago doesn’t exist, transparency today is no different.

Who gave Tom Hamilton all those raises?  Did anybody ever mention the NEVER used fire station or the NEVER used water tower?

It’s a secret!









8 thoughts on “Tari on WJBC

  1. The criteria used to choose Gleason was based on feelings and desires certainly not evidence of leadership skills. If they ever regret their decision, the Council will not admit it.

  2. Gleason was NOT the “right fit” Mr Renner, and how he can go on spewing on about this kind of lies, just goes to show his TRUE character, which is a DOOZY!
    I wouldn’t believe Tari on ANYTHING! And the council has no accountability OR credibility either! Maybe we can vote the “WHOLE BOATLOAD” of them out next round.

  3. Well at least the Jenn Carrillo post is helping to expose what raving and dangerous lunatics the liberals have become.

    1. Yeah…but Tari has “exposed himself” a half dozen times (including Japan) and is still in the mayor’s chair. Doesn’t speak well for the future of Bloomington.

      1. The Council seems to be putting a muzzle on Renner. Jenn will not win. She is mainly stirring the pot and stoking the fire.

  4. Didn’t Bloomington powers-that-be hire a water dept. administrator who was relieved of duty after just three days on the job a few years ago? I know, wishful thinking…

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