Connect Transit LOSS GROWS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s only a matter of time before Connect Transit makes at all the way to a $1,000,000 loss in one month.  They are trying really hard to get there.

PDF page 8:    file:///C:/Users/Diane/Downloads/26Jun18%20Board%20Meeting%20Packet%20Final.pdf

May income was:

Income barely covered fuel expenses of $104,193.08

Total expenses:

Total Operating Loss:

This isn’t monopoly money!  This is YOUR money.

This is Democratic Socialism

Progressives play public transportation as helping people and being compassionate. It is neither.  Riders of Connect Transit are enslaved to travel only where Connect Transit can take them. They can’t apply for jobs not on a route. They can’t shop at stores not on a route. They can’t get medical treatment that isn’t on a route.  Connect is also stealing their time – it takes much longer to get anywhere on a bus!  Worse, riders brains are enslaved to believe they can’t escape Connect for better alternatives..

Progressives use this modern day slavery to keep poor people poor and they use your money to do it!  Progressives are in BOTH parties, the GOP continues to fund this abomination across the country.

Some choice spending:

Connect Transit finally funded tearing down the buildings on Oakland that were contributing to making downtown look like a slum.  If the City of Bloomington hasn’t already bought that property, they will soon.  The excuse will be they either have plans for it or they have to make sure somebody with the “Right Fit” gets it.

See PDF page 10 – Cost per unlinked trip (click to enlarge)

See PDF page 20. Connect has 9 preventable accidents in May.  I wonder what happened to other vehicles hit by massive close-to-empty buses?

If you don’t demand your representatives stop this insanity it will one day stop on its own.  Socialism always fails.  Calling it Democratic Socialism doesn’t change historical facts.







12 thoughts on “Connect Transit LOSS GROWS!

  1. Take the $904 K and divide it by the 54K (riders) and that’s roughly $16.60 per rider.
    Heck, you could buy a cab or UBER ride for that..


  2. All transportation is subsidized. Show me a road or an airport making money or not using tax dollars to stay open and well maintained. These posts about Connect Transit are ridiculous. AND as member of the elite (LOL) I use the bus. There are always other people on the bus. Last time…15 other people.


  3. As long as my money is being used to subsidize and it is my money being used I appreciate the information given that shows how it is being spent. For those that don’t want the information your wealth either allows you to subsidize at any level or you are using what I subsidize and not contributing. Keep up the good work Diane.

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  4. This increase is probably due to those additional nighttime hours added , which weren’t supposed to cost 1 penny more. 😑


  5. Maybe it’s past time for CT to downsize to more appropriately fit their ridership. What would be wrong (other than initial purchase cost) with using 16-22 passenger vans like State Farm uses for their shuttles? The behemoth buses in use now are unsustainable, racist (they’re painted white!), polluting, and not the right fit!

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