CIRBN: Another government waste?

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Broadband Network (CIRBN)  is part a project the State of Illinois applied for with the Federal government.  Illinois State University ended up with part of the grant which led to establishing CIRBN LLC.  Since CIRBN files non-profit tax returns, they should be incorporated as a non-profit on the […]

Airport Grants

By:  Diane Benjamin See the 2017 Airport proposed budget here:  FY2017 Draft budget-1 The far right column below is part of the budgeted revenue for 2017. State grants:  $132,024 Federal grants:  $5,895,954 Note – the Feds are paying $2,500,000 or the $3,500,000 interior rehab mentioned in the last article.  The Feds are also paying for […]

Weekend Wrap

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Steve Vogel’s Saturday column was published, maybe next week he can explain it.  It served no useful purpose.  It wasn’t even entertaining.  He rattled something about Illinois never seeing Presidential candidates.  Must be jealousy.  Mentioned were Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Carson, Rubio, Huckabee, and Santorum.  Jeb is polling so low, Stevie must […]

Federal Grants: Normal – Adam Andrzejewski – for the Good of Illinois Amount received in 2012 IL – Spending – Grants     ProgramSourceDescription Recipient City Name Recipient Name Dollars Obligated Higher Education Normal Illinois State University $2,134,130.00 Juvenile Justice Programs Normal Chestnut Health Systems $1,538,000.00 Training And Employment Services Normal Ybmc Inc. $1,100,000.00 Education And Human Resources Normal […]