Airport Grants

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the 2017 Airport proposed budget here:  FY2017 Draft budget-1

The far right column below is part of the budgeted revenue for 2017.

State grants:  $132,024

Federal grants:  $5,895,954

Note – the Feds are paying $2,500,000 or the $3,500,000 interior rehab mentioned in the last article.  The Feds are also paying for a large chunk of land purchase and other items listed as expenses for 2017.  I can hear them saying:  “Citizens aren’t paying for it”.


grantsNow look at Connect Transit Grants:

ct10Another $7.5 million from the State and $2.4 from the Feds.  (Federal Transit Authority)

I could add Bloomington, Normal, and a bunch of other government agencies but I’m not.

Government was established in this country to be as close to the citizens as possible.  In Illinois we have too many government agencies to observe and many of them are funded by State and Federal sources.

Local control is therefore lost.  The will of the State and Feds is local instead.

Celebrate your loss of freedom now. 



5 thoughts on “Airport Grants

    1. Your uniformed comments are always welcome. Government needs Taj Mahal facilities while the debt destroys opportunity. I realize this is WAY over your head.


    2. The word “grant” implies the money is a gift…not so. Millions of dollars are handed over to Regional Planning Commissions, who are not accountable to taxpayers, as well as to consultants to formulate ‘Plans” that are part of the requirement for application of the grants. There is quite a profit making enterprise to acquire those federal funds.


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