More on the airport

By:  Diane Benjamin

Update to this story from yesterday:

I received this explanation from Carl Olson (airport manager) about the $9.3 Million reflects as Investments:

93I received a copy of the proposed budget – a note was included that it will be voted on at the May meeting.  See it here:  FY2017 Draft budget-1   Below are some highlights, there’s more – but start here.

A new website is included:  (For once I’m speechless)


A couple other interesting things:

landRPZ stands for Runway Protection Zones, I’m thinking the Feds are requiring it.  An explanation of the Interior spending is not included.

Note:  Illinois has many more units of government than any other state.  It makes watching spending impossible.  The above is a perfect example.

CIRA does have debt, but I don’t know how much.  I asked Carl Olson for details, but I haven’t heard yet.   The budget includes payments:


More later!








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