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US government shutdown: Obama’s welfare socialism sparked this crisis, not the Constitution Source: One thing often heard in media commentary on the shutdown: what must the Chinese think when the US can’t even keep its government open? The correct answer: who cares? China’s a communist state – its government never sleeps. America’s a democracy […]

Here’s what the CR debacle in Washington looked like:

Friday, 9/20/13 – The House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that would fully fund the government (including things that Republicans don’t like) while at the same time defunding Obamacare. Result: House Republicans compromised on spending that they’d like to see cut in exchange for defunding Obamacare. Friday, 9/27/13 – The Senate stripped the defunding […]

The Truth about Government Shutdowns

by Trey Mays The Obamacare exchanges are set to be implemented on October 1, and the debt ceiling limit is set to expire soon.  These two events in American politics cause a great deal of fervor and emotions with the Left and the Establishment misrepresenting the Tea Party position.  The Left and the Establishment try […]