The Truth about Government Shutdowns


The Obamacare exchanges are set to be implemented on October 1, and the debt ceiling limit is set to expire soon.  These two events in American politics cause a great deal of fervor and emotions with the Left and the Establishment misrepresenting the Tea Party position.  The Left and the Establishment try to create fear in the minds of the American people by describing disastrous events that could happen if government shuts down.  However, is their fear mongering grounded in truth?  The American people need to realize that the government never truly shuts down.  So-called government shutdowns do not exist.

The American people need to know that the federal government “shuts down” all the time for weekends and holidays.  There has never been some kind of economic catastrophe.  Therefore, the best thing that we can do is completely ignore the Left and the Establishment.  When anybody in the media asks a politician or commentator, “Are you in favor of a government shutdown?”  Remember that question is based on the faulty premise that the government will actually shut down, and the questioner has no idea what they are asking.

When Conservatives make statements that show they are open to a so-called “government shutdown,” the Establishment media and pundits tend to ask, “What about the ‘government shutdowns’ in the 1990’s?”  Those so-called government shutdowns told President Bill Clinton that the Conservatives were serious, and they brought President Clinton to the policy table.  Those so-called government shutdowns achieved four consecutive balanced budgets and welfare reform.  Nevertheless, did the federal government actually shut down?

The Left, the media, and the Establishment love to cry “government shutdown is coming!” as if a government shutdown means the country is about to shut down.  A society and an economy are made up of people, not a government.  All a civil government is a tool given to the citizens of a society to provide for limited order, so that their country does not fall into chaos.  Government shutdowns are just a form of fear mongering to convince the people that more government action is supposedly necessary.

When these “government shutdowns” do occur, what happens?  Does the government really shutdown?  Is it really a horrible catastrophe when the government shuts down?  I think not.  The government actually never shuts down.  Not really.  There are certain aspects of government that are not operational, but nowadays federal law deems probably the majority of the government’s functions and personnel as “emergency functions.”  Therefore, these “emergency functions” never stop working and there are government personnel that never stop working.

Conservatives and Republicans should not talk as if they are in favor of a government shutdown, but they should explain to the American people that there is no such thing as a government shutdown.  They should refuse to answer the question: “Are you in favor of a government shutdown?”  We should be answering those types of questions with our solutions that will actually solve our fiscal and economic problems.  If the media accuses us of not answering their question, then we should put them in their place and tell them we do not answer dumb questions that are based on a faulty premise.

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