Here’s what the CR debacle in Washington looked like:

Friday, 9/20/13 – The House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that would fully fund the government (including things that Republicans don’t like) while at the same time defunding Obamacare.
Result: House Republicans compromised on spending that they’d like to see cut in exchange for defunding Obamacare.

Friday, 9/27/13 – The Senate stripped the defunding language out of the House passed Continuing Resolution and sent it back to the House.
Result: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refused to compromise.

Saturday, 9/28/13 – The House of Representatives added two amendments to the Senate revised Continuing Resolution to delay Obamacare for one year (far from what they were originally willing to agree to) and repeal the medical device tax.
Result: House Republicans compromised away from defunding to delaying Obamacare for one year.

Monday, 9/30/13 – The Senate stripped the two amendments from the House passed Continuing Resolution and sent it back to the House.
Result: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refused to compromise one inch on Obamacare.

Monday, 9/30/13 – The House of Representatives added an amendment to delay the individual mandate for one year (to give the American people the same protection big business has received) and also to make Members of Congress, their staffs, the President, Vice President, Presidential cabinet, etc. have to enter the health care exchanges without receiving ~70% tax payer funded subsidies to help for their health care.
Result: House Republicans compromised away from delay all of Obamacare to delay individual mandate and make members of Congress and executive branch live under the same rules of Obamacare as everyone else.

Monday, 9/30/13 – The Senate strips the amendment added by the House. Goes back to the House.
Result: Harry Reid and Senate Democrats refused to compromise.

Tuesday, 10/01/13 – The House of Representatives vote to appoint conferees to a bicameral conference meeting to negotiate differences directly with the Senate.

Tuesday, 10/01/13 – It is speculated that at 9:30am Harry Reid will refuse to have a conference meeting with the Republicans.
Result: Will Harry Reid continue to hold his extreme position of no compromising?

“So the bill before us is very simple. It funds the government and it says, ‘let’s treat our constituents fairly.’ No more mandate for the next year that you have to buy insurance that you can’t afford. No more mandate that members of Congress get some so-called exemption. Both, those are the only two issues here. All the Senate has to do is say yes and the government’s funded tomorrow. Let’s listen to our constituents and let’s treat them the way we would want to be treated.” – Speaker John Boehner

It is unfortunate that partisan differences have brought us to a shutdown of our government. From day one I maintained that while I do not support ObamaCare, a shutdown of the federal government will have a negative impact on our markets and the economy. If we are to overcome this impasse, both sides must be willing to compromise.  Senator Mark Kirk

Republicans obsessed with defunding health care reform are pushing us closer and closer to a government shutdown that would tank the economy. Harry Reid

Democrats believe it is immaterial the House was also elected – twice the people voted for the GOP.  The 2012 election was NOT about ObamaCare since the establishment on both sides made sure the Republican nominee was Mitt Romney.  Because he did a similar program in Massachusetts, it was off the table.


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