Nobody represents you!

By:  Diane Benjamin If the residents of Bloomington still haven’t figured out the Council doesn’t represent you, watch last night’s meeting.  The schmoozing was over the top with accolades for each other for everything but breathing. There were a few slaps in the face to citizens.  The first one was made by City Manager Tim […]

Another example of the State wasting YOUR money – UPDATE

by:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Department of Transportation is funding a study conducted by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, specifically The Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development. The survey questions the access rural people have to public transportation (non-existent!) and the effects it has on healthcare. Evidently rural Illinois residents: don’t […]

15 Pictures of Ridiculous Government Spending Guaranteed to Make You Mad

by:  Kelsey Harris Heritage Foundation August 20, 2013 at 6:50 am   In 2013, federal spending approached $3.5 trillion. Now that’s hard to wrap your brain around. It’s about $27,700 for every American household.   All across America, families balance their budgets, rein in spending, and pay down their debts. If Americans can do it, why can’t the federal […]

Stockton, Hales, McDade, Fazzini WASTE your money!

by:   Diane Benjamin Last month Steve Stockton, David Hales, Rob Fazzini, and Jennifer McDade traveled to Washington DC to attend One Voice.  The FOIA request for information on the topics(s) covered has not been received, but the expense reports for this trip have. The first question is: Why did 4 people have to attend when the […]

MCRPC spending YOUR money Again

by:  Diane Benjamin I’ve written before about the McLean County Regional Planning Commission – the un-elected group funded largely by the State who gets their money from the Fed. They claim to “advise” local governments, but their advise always comes with a lot of money.  We have lost the autonomy to govern ourselves because the […]

The Waste List (partial)

Total Value of Government Waste: $18,224,377,097  WASTE: New NASA visitor center built next door to old NASA visitor center  – $12,400,000  WASTE: Circus classes  – $20,000  WASTE: Television rerun study  – $666,905  WASTE: Old-fashioned x-rays for prisoners  – $1,300,000  WASTE: Taxpayer-funded online lawyer training  – $500,000  WASTE: Missile Defense Agency’s research problems  – $1,000,000,000  WASTE: Arcade-style floor mats for gym class  – $90,750  WASTE: Department of Energy award for App that already exists  – $100,000  WASTE: Taxpayer-funded house renovations lose […]

The Multiple Distortions of Wind Subsidies

By PHIL GRAMM  December 25, 2012, 5:22 p.m. ET Federal subsidies for new wind-power generation will end on Dec. 31 unless they are renewed by Congress. For the sake of our economy and the smooth operation of the energy market, Congress should let the subsidies lapse. They waste taxpayer money, subvert the allocation of capital, and generate […]