Another example of the State wasting YOUR money – UPDATE

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Illinois Department of Transportation is funding a study conducted by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, specifically The Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development.

The survey questions the access rural people have to public transportation (non-existent!) and the effects it has on healthcare.

Evidently rural Illinois residents:

  • don’t own vehicles
  • don’t have any friends or neighbors willing to drive them
  • will sit in their home and die because the State isn’t holding their hand

Why doesn’t the size of government ever shrink?  Bureaucrats have a vested interest in problems continuing or creating new problems, otherwise they would be out of a job.  This is yet another case of government solving a problem where none exists.

I asked them how much the Illinois Department of Transportation paid for this study, they have to research it.  If they can figure it out, I will let you know.   I know they mailed postcards before the survey so people would be expecting it.


SIU has reported they received $41,000.  Not a ton of money by State standards, but a useless use of taxpayer money anyway.  How many more “studies” are being conducted on your dime?




One thought on “Another example of the State wasting YOUR money – UPDATE

  1. watch them take the study and start a bus service from small town IL to say Bloomington or worse small town to Chicago it would be their speed to fund it so union teamsters can drive the buses

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