Stockton, Hales, McDade, Fazzini WASTE your money!

by:   Diane Benjamin

Last month Steve Stockton, David Hales, Rob Fazzini, and Jennifer McDade traveled to Washington DC to attend One Voice.  The FOIA request for information on the topics(s) covered has not been received, but the expense reports for this trip have.

The first question is:

Why did 4 people have to attend when the population of Bloomington is less than 80,000 people?  One or 2 couldn’t represent the citizens?

How much did this trip cost the citizens of Bloomington:

Rob Fazzini – $3196.60   Fazzini One Voice

Jennifer McDade – $2810.80  McDade One Voice

Steve Stockton – $2826.20  Stockton One Voice

David Hales – $4134.00  Hales One Voice

Total:  $12, 967.60!

Is this how you want YOUR money spent!

April 9th you can dump Jennifer McDade.  You can also elect a mayor who will dump David Hales.  Rob Fazzini can’t be dumped for another 2 years.  Tell Steve Stockton he already had his going away party!

Fazzini stated at the last council meeting how much he enjoyed the talk by Vice-President Biden and Al Sharpton on gun control.  Now you know where he stands on the 2nd Amendment!  Too bad the Council video isn’t archived on the website so people can see it for themselves.

Found a link:  Listen to Fazzini at 1:13:30

Are you sick of free-spending supposed protectors of your tax dollars?


April 9th

From last year’s report:

One Voice is a non-partisan coalition created by the Economic Development Council of the Bloomington-Normal Area (EDC). It is a pro-community campaign that brings together leaders from the City of Bloomington, the Town of Normal, McLean County, surrounding rural communities, labor, local educational institutions and local private businesses in support of specific economic development projects and issues in McLean County. Each spring, the One Voice Task Force travels to Washington, D.C. to meet with our congressional delegation.

Does this title sound familiar:

Hile Group One Voice Washington, D.C. Trip Scholarship

The infamous Julie Hile who teaches how to snow the citizens by limiting their choices!

Another question:  They go on this trip to DC to lobby our congressional delegation.  Our representatives never come home?  A meeting couldn’t be arranged with them here?   Dickie Durbin wouldn’t travel to Bloomington?

6 thoughts on “Stockton, Hales, McDade, Fazzini WASTE your money!

  1. WIth Stockton on his way out, the $2800 spent on him is a slap in the face to all the citizens of Bloomington. Thanks Steve and good riddance!

  2. Way too extravagant…no wonder we are knee deep. We need a Mayor who will keep this kind of garbage in check…

  3. So who paid for this? The City of Bloomington or the EDC which is partially funded by the city? Did anyone else besides these four bozos go?

    1. Last year an entire page of people went – see the link. We don’t know who went this year. The city taxpayers paid for the 4 to go.

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