Bloomington’s Empire Corridor TIF

By:  Diane Benjamin Empire Street Corridor 19TIF06402530Empire_StCorridor_1 This TIF had income last year of $388,527 from increasing property values and $7,091 in interest.   Total income since the inception in 2016 is $425,624. The theory of TIF’s is development wouldn’t happen unless developers and taxpayers share in the cost.  So where did this year’s income go? […]

Pothole alert!

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader sent a pic of a pothole at IAA and Eastland Crossing.  (I have no idea where this is!)   Yes, that’s rebar at the bottom.  Are those official City of Bloomington cones?  Who added the rock? Keep sending pics!  Consider it a Public Service.  I wonder what this road is rated?